Solidity Study for a Horizontal Axis Tidal Stream Turbine

Student: Tattiana Hernández-Madrigal
Sponsor: Programa de Innovación y Capital Humano para la Competitividad (PINN) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecomunications of Costa Rica (MICITT)

The well characterised CMERG tidal stream turbine is modified using solidity as the control variable. Different cases are modelled with Computational Fluid Dynamics, where the number of blades, chord length and solidity is changed depending on each scenario. Using ANSYS CFX the performance characteristics of each configuration are calculated and the optimum arrangement for the turbine to operate under low speed conditions, similar to the ones expected in Costa Rica, is selected.

Finally, a technology feasibility study will be made, comparing LCOE values for Costa Rica and the UK.

Increase of solidity comparison by adding more blades to the turbine.

Performance coefficients of the turbines at peak power and optimum pitch angle.

The effect of solidity on a tidal turbine in low speed flow.
Marine energy in Costa Rica: Development procedures compared to the UK.

Scientific Posters:
Graphic design of both posters by Natalia Bonilla-Porras