Engineering Marine Turbine Condition Based Maintenance and Management Strategy

Student: Edith Rojo-Zazueta

The research will undertake the engineering of a generic condition based maintenance strategy to provide an effective tidal turbine monitoring system. The objectives of this research are to develop a Condition Monitoring tidal turbine Management with the conditions of lower flow speeds such as the ones presented in Mexico, to compare the Condition Monitoring processes utilised in the UK and to finally establish the suitability of tidal turbines deployment based on the location and different conditions from both the UK and Mexico. Also, the project will consider the effect of installing turbines into arrays and to simulate fault conditions to develop a prognostics plan. Finally, based on defining the most suitable configuration for arrays, the operational and maintenance costs will be established in order to overcome high capital costs for condition monitoring system installation and to identify the most cost-effective configuration based for both location and arrays.

Test Rig used to replicate tidal turbines fault conditions.

Yucatan Channel and the Gulf of California / References – Yucatan Channel: Athié, G., et al., Estructura de la corriente de Yucatán en los canales de Cozumel y Yucatán. Ciencias marinas, 2011. 37: p. 471-492. / Gulf of Mexico: López-González, J., G. Hiriart-Le Bert, and R. Silva-Casarín, Cuantificación de energía de una planta mareomotriz. Ingeniería, investigación y tecnología, 2010. 11: p. 233-245.

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