Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to Numerically Model the Loading Imparted onto a Tidal Stream Turbine (TST)

In particular, looking at the wave-current interaction on a single TST and also when positioned in an array

Student: Cath Lloyd
Partners: Airborne, Airborne CompositesANSYS, ARUP, Lloyd’s Register, National Instruments, Nautricity, ORE CatapultRexroth, and Tidal Energy Ltd.

The project involves using ANSYS CFX software to numerically model fluid flow. The research currently focuses on developing a wave-current fluid model to accurately predict wave heights and wave lengths when subjected to varying current flows. It will incorporate a Tidal Stream Turbine (TST) to see the effect of the wave-current interaction on the TST. The aim is to validate the numerical models with lab scale testing. The final goal of the project is to experiment with oblique waves and see the effect of wave-current interaction on an array of TSTs.

Numerical model showing the free surface profile of a regular deep water wave.

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